How can I make a 3d printer using my Arduino?

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How can I make a 3d printer using my Arduino?(self.arduino)

submitted2 years agobydmgna21

I have an arduino uno board and was wondering if i could make a small 3d printer at home. I also own a Raspberry Pi, is that better when it comes to making a 3d printer?

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An Arduino mega and a ramps board are at the heart of many printers.

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You will need to buy some stepper motors and motors drivers then you will need to build the machine frame, you can use any open source machine.

Finally you will need the software which will operate the machine.

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And do I have to write the software myself?

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Marlin and Grbl are popular printer software. Marlin requires a mega, but Grbl was specifically written to to run on an uno.

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/u/dmgna21What is your programming background?

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Not much. Studied c++ in college and a bit Matlab thats all. What do you suggest I do?

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You will have to write an Arduino sketch to drive the stepper motors according to the serial commands sent from the software which will translate the shapes you want into stepper directions.

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Alright. And where do I get the software?

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Thank you so much! Any idea how much this project will cost me?

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You are welcome 🙂 it will depends on the size of the machine

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Fucking use google, many many people have built 3d printers and Im sure you can find some parts lists along with other info if you just do a little legwork yourself.

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Google RAMPS. The majority of open source 3d printing is driven by the arduino architecture. No real programming is necessary if you want to dive into 3d printing. Interfacing with whatever hardware you choose (kinematics) is where the challenge of quality 3d prints comes in. Calibration is key

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I would just buy a kit. Making one yourself is a lot of work for a first timer and doesnt save you much money if any unless you need super specific features. Theres a lot of cheap Prusa i3 kits that use an Arduino mega and a RAMPS board

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