Build your own Arduino controlled BuildersBot CNC3D printer

The Buildersbot is an Arduino controlled CNC Router and 3D printer. It features stainless steel frame and was designed for 3D printing big objects. It offers a huge build envelope measuring 500 x 600 x 200 mm in size.

The Buildersbot can be used as either a CNC Router or 3D printer. The CNC bed plate is made out of 2 MDF boards 20 mm thick each. The bed can be placed in different heights for milling or 3D printing.

The extruder is a version of Gregs extruder and has a 0.5mm J-head hotend. It can be mounted or unmounted from the tool holder by simply unbolting 2 bolts.

The Buildersbot electronics enclosure is made from 7 laser cut acrylic parts and houses 4 Micro Stepping Drivers, three power supplies (36V, 36V and 12V), an Arduino Mega, a ramps 1.4 board and also 2 fans for cooling. There are also 4 blue LEDs that light up the enclosure when power is on.

The BuildersBot has the following electronics:

4 Nema 23 Motor dual shaft 425oz-in

3 Power Supplies (36V, 36V and 12V)

1 Ramps 1.4 Board (for CNC milling and 3D printing)

5meter LED Strip with remote control (IR)

Aldric Negrier, the inventor behind the BuildersBot has uploaded theinstructions herewhich cover all areas such as, mechanics, electronics and software, so you can create your own BuildersBot.

Check out the videos below that highlight the main features of he Buildsbot concept:

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hi anyone can help me to get programming for 3d printer arduino board it got erase from the board. or where i can find this board programming.

stephan forster wrote at 4/11/2016 6:48:33 AM:

Great mens toy. Is it possible to get the drawings to build one?

Aldric Negrier wrote at 6/17/2014 9:57:39 PM:

Your comment made me smile and feel proud of myself. Thanks for the support. Cheers,

alpay kasal wrote at 6/17/2014 6:27:11 AM:

Omg, make a kit and the world will line up at your door. Id buy 2! provides the latest news about 3D printing technology and 3D printers. We are now six years old and have around 1.5 million unique visitors per month.

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