30 Best Arduino Projects You Can Do with a 3D Printer

30 Best Arduino Projects You Can Do with a 3D Printer

Thirsty Flamingo (Moisture Level Reader)

Arduino Digital Clock & Thermometer

Tito – Arduino UNO 3D Printed Robot

3D Printed Skittles Sorting Machine

Looking for challenging Arduino 3D printer projects? Here are the 30 best Arduino projects you can do with a 3D printer.

One niche area that 3D printing always has played a major role in is Arduino projects.Arduinois an open-source computer hardware and software company that produces microcontroller-based kits used to build digital devices and interactive objects capable of sensing and controlling objects in the physical world. Arduino was also designed with 3D printers in mind (read more about ithere.)

Believe it or not, a vast number of these innovative 3D printed Arduino projects are able to be produced right in your own home with the guidance found on platforms like Instructables, Hackaday.io, the Arduino blog, and elsewhere.

Heres a list of the 30 best Arduino projects you can DIY with a 3D printer, all varying in degree of difficulty, that can be 3D printed on your desktop 3D printer. Or use a 3D printing service to get them 3D printed.

If we missed your favorite Arduino project which can be made with a 3D printer please tell us in the comments!

Whats this Arduino project?With this quick and relatively simple project, you can transform your 3D printer into a household light-up LEGO factory. The Arduino project offers eight simple steps to help you 3D print LEGO bricks with the Arduino Materia 101 3D printer, which allows you to assign an array of LEDs into your model. This DIY project is perfect for novice level 3D printing users looking to gain an understanding of how the Arduino platform and 3D printing are able to compliment one another.

Whats this Arduino project?You can challenge your friend to a match in this enjoyable and simple Soccer Penalty Kick Game. The interactive two-player game allows one player to control the goalie while the second attempts to score a goal. This Arduino project is an excellent introduction for beginners looking to construct an Arduino device from scratch. Along with all of the 3D printed parts and setup instructions, this Instructable also comes with the main code and function code that control the motion of the goalie.

Whats this Arduino project?Circuito.ios Thirsty Flamingo is an Arduino project designed to help you monitor the moisture levels of your plants. Though the circuit assembly is considerably complex for a true beginner,Circuito.ioassists by providing up-to-date schematic and code. The Thirsty Flamingo itself comes printed in just two simple parts, acting as the housing for the battery and PCB. Once completed, simply set the Thirsty Flamingo in a plant dish, and it will start beeping as soon as moisture levels dip too low.

Whats this Arduino project?The 3D Printed Lunar Phase Clock is that perfect Arduino project for beginners and intermediate makers looking to explore the depths of the universe from their very own desk. This clock has a number of thrilling features, including an alarm, date thermometer, hygrometer, lamp mode, and precise lunar phase simulation.

Whats this Arduino project?This 3D printed watch an ideal DIY project for beginners and intermediate makers looking to immerse themselves in the world of Arduino projects, while also having a useful wearable upon completion. The Chronio may not have Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity, but this 3D printed smartwatch can still show you the time, and even comes with a simplified version of Flappy Bird.

Whats this Arduino project?At first glance, it may seem like creating a functional digital clock and thermometer would be a daunting project, but the Digital Clock & Thermometer is a great way to educate yourself on the possibilities of 3D printing technology and the Arduino platform. This Arduino project is ideal for anyone looking for a hands-on introduction to circuit assembly and use-end 3D printed products.

Whats this Arduino project?You may have heard ofOtto, the tiny dancing biped robot toy that is both 3D printable and Arduino compatible. But before Otto there was Tito, the first iteration of this DIY toy which can still be easily constructed at home. Not only is this groovy little robot an ideal Arduino project for beginners looking for a proper introduction to Arduino and robotics, Tito is also completely open source, allowing more knowledgeable makers to play around with the robots design and schematic.

Whats this Arduino project?The spider-like Hexapoduino might be a bit more intimidating than Tito, but this little bionic insect is truly capable of some amazing feats. This is one of the best Arduino projects as it can be constructed in many ways. The Hexapoduino can be transformed into a drawbot, controlled by Bluetooth or a Wii nunchuck, or even learn to follow lights.

Whats this Arduino project?If youve got some time on your hands and are looking to for a fun way to impress (and maybe even win money from) your friends, this Electronic Dice Arduino project is quite an easy and entertaining one to undertake. Powered by an Arduino Nano and 9V battery, the 3D printed dice is rolled at the push of a button, which triggers a random number selection.

Whats this Arduino project?A bit more approachable than Hoelldorfers robot, theLittleArmbySlant Conceptsis an Arduino project that doubles as an educational tool. Beginners can simply print the arm, download the available software, and start using it right away. Those with more experience in Arduino can train the arm to accomplish unique functions via the LittleArm GUI.

Skill level?Novices to Intermediates.

Whats this Arduino project?This unique and surprisingly simple rangefinder concept will allow you feel distant objects with vibrations that are triggered by an Arduino Uno. This project uses ultrasonic sensors embedded within a 3D printed rangefinder, which is attached to the persons arm. This allows the rangefinder to detect nearby obstructions, triggering a corresponding vibration that allows you to sense what is nearby without seeing or touching it.

Whats this Arduino project?Started by the innovative Teen Imagineering Club, this Arduino project utilizes Arduino code and an Android app to control a 3D printed maze from the tilt of your smartphone. This particular idea was developed in order to show how to connect an Arduino with an Android device. Even more excitingly, the 3D maze generator available on Thingiverse enables you to create your very own unique 3D printed maze.

Whats this Arduino project?This dazzling and moderately challenging Arduino project is ideal for diehard fans of soccer superstar Lionel Messi. Originally created as a student project for the University of South Floridas Makecourse, the Messi Music Box features a 3D printed figure of the famous player that can be triggered to rotate and play commentary sounds via internet speakers.

Whats this Arduino project?The Holo Clock Arduino project is a unique approach that is based on a simple geared stepper motor. This motor is driven by code written in Arduino IDE, which commands the single motor to move a gear train to move the minute ring and hour ring accordingly. To build this Arduino project, which was created by Mectok, you can either source and print all of the parts yourself ororder the $60 kitdirectly from the creator.

Whats this Arduino project?As we continue to transition into the digital age, individuals suffering from blindness are finding it increasingly difficult to read and write in braille on new technological devices. This Braille Display is a relatively simple and extremely effective Arduino project that can be constructed at home and used for a good cause. The most difficult part of the project entails the proper set up of 40 micro stepper motors, but the hard work is certainly worth improving the livelihood of a visually impaired individual.

Whats this Arduino project?This unique Arduino project was created to put the power of your house key within your finger. The Fingerprint Door Lock is a contraption that will allow you to unlock your door with a mere press of the finger, using a fingerprint reader on the outside of the door. Though this Arduino project sounds like something the FBI would be working on, in reality, this innovative lock takes just a few hours and around $30 to create.

Whats this Arduino project?Searching to further automate and monitor your household environment with a new smart project? Look no further than this 3D printed IoT humidifier. This Arduino project will allow you to create a DIY humidifier that is able to connect to the Internet and be controlled via MediaTek Cloud Sandbox. This object is capable of detecting low humidity and automatically spray the surrounding area to bring levels back up, keeping your homes atmosphere comfortable and in tact.

Whats this Arduino project?The innovative QuadBot first came onto the scene in the form of a successful Kickstarter campaign. This advanced 3D printed robot will help you harness your electronics, coding, and 3D printing skills all on one project. This spooky little crawler is the ideal Arduino project for an ambitious maker that knows the basics of Arduino and robotics and is looking to put those skills to use.

Whats this Arduino project?Andreas Hoelldorfers 3D printable robot arm is a tested and proven open source project that was awarded with the 2015 Hackaday Prize. Currently on his fourth iteration, his latest 3D printed robot is capable of lifting around 2 kg to perform everyday tasks. This Arduino project is quite difficult to build from scratch, but the finished product will provide you with that extra hand youve always wanted.

Whats this Arduino project?Have you ever been so busy while in the midst of making tea that you accidentally abandoned the tea bag in the hot water, creating a horribly bitter drink. If so, the 3D printed Lazy Mans Tea Steeper is the Arduino project for you. After one maker named istimat got fed up with mismanaged tea time, he created this innovative Arduino-powered contraption to dunk the tea bag three times for three minutes, creating the perfectly steeped cup of tea.

Whats this Arduino project?Looking to stay connected to your smartphone without having to use your hands? Well, this advanced 3D printed Bluetooth Head Mount Display might just be the right Arduino project for you. The HMD is equipped with everything youd expect from a high-end Bluetooth device, and also doubles as a pair of sleek techno-centric glasses. The components needed to actualize this project cost around $60, and requires intermediate knowledge on connecting a Bluetooth module, a small speaker, and a RGB LED all to the Arduino board.

Whats this Arduino project?Serving as an ode to the elusive electronic duo Daft Punk, this 3D printed Thomas Bangalter helmet is an Arduino project for the most talented and tested maker. This version of the iconic helmet was created by a redditor named CrazyElectrum, and though the files are designed to be printed on a desktop machine, constructing the helmet is far from easy. Fully completing the project requires a fair amount of soldering, as well as embedding 326 LEDs and 10 programmed displays.

Whats this Arduino project?The Star Track system Arduino project was created to track the motion of stars up in the night sky. Using the Equatorial coordinate system to define positions of different objects in the sky, the laser pointer is able to follow certain coordinates and follow the path of each star. There is a wide range of star databases out there that provide all the necessary values needed to get this Arduino-based device automatically pointing and tracking the desired object.

Whats this Arduino project?This colorful 3D printed clock is was inspired by the sci-fi series Stargate, making it a great Arduino project for any experienced maker looking to transform their room into the spaceship. NeoPixel LEDs are embedded throughout the clock face, color-coding hours in red, while minutes slowly turn from green to blue as the seconds increment. On top of that, this complex and otherworldly device is capable of producing a chime every hour or half hour, ensuring that you know the time no matter what planet you might be on.

Whats this Arduino project?While drone technology continues to shock and awe people around the world, the hefty price of these flying machines have deterred many from purchasing one of their own. But for those who are ready and willing to build one from scratch can do so with 3D printed parts, an Arduino Uno, and a handful of other affordable components. Though this Arduino project looks to be quite difficult and time-consuming, the prospect of building your very own drone from scratch for under $60 will likely entice experienced makers looking for a project that will bring them both joy during and after its completion.

Whats this Arduino project?Inspired by the film Transformers, this Arduino-based 3D printed robot is a sleek and complex DIY project that is designed to be compatible with an Android phone. This Arduino project requires quite a few components and construction, but experienced makers should be able to have this little robotic critter scuttling around in no time.

Whats this Arduino project?This complicated Arduino project is an automatic dog treat feeder designed to make life more simple and enjoyable for your beloved puppy. But beware, building this gigantic device takes the experience with electronics, programming, and machine shop tools. With the Automated Dog Treat Feeder, your dog simply places its paw on the lever to release a treat. The Arduino is used to keep track of when the last treat dispensed and how many are left, keeping your dog from getting too overzealous with this amazing contraption.

Whats this Arduino project?This amazing LED lamp was specially designed by Thingiverse user Opossums for those who are already big on soldering and assembling. This advanced lamp is able to control shadows and keep them from messing up meticulous work, using Arduino to control the LED strip colors and shading. This Arduino project was inspired by ArtDeco and imperialist architecture, and will certainly help transform your office into a magical workspace that offers full control over the light that shines down on your innovative creations.

Whats this Arduino project?While building this Skittles Sorting Machine will take longer than if you just organized your bite-sized candies by color yourself, this advanced Arduino project shows the truly innovative nature of how 3D printing technology and Arduino can interact with color sensing modules. This one of the best Arduino projects requires a hefty amount of 3D printing and assembly, but is perfect is youre looking to utilize your DIY skills to sort out your favorite flavors and colors.

Whats this Arduino project?Ambitious makers and sci-fi nerds unite, this functional remote controlled and 3D printed BB-8 droid featured in Star Wars: The Force Awakens is sure to bring the force wherever you take it. The 3D printed robot, which is powered by an Arduino board, balances on two wheels, plays sounds and even has several programmable LEDs. Though full-sized 3D printed versions of the BB-8 droid exist, this half-sized model takes just 50 hours to print and requires much less post-processing.

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