Arduino 3D Printer CodeSoftware and Schematics

Marlin is a 3D Printer Firmware which controls all the electronics such as Stepper Motors

Download Marlin Firmware from Link Below.

Open the o file from the Firmware folder with Arduino IDE.

Make changes to the Firmware as per Printer Specifications.

Compile the firmware in Arduino IDE.

Connect the Arduino Mega 2560 to PC with a USB cable.

Select the Board and COM Port in the Tools Section.

Upload the firmware to your Arduino.

Arduino Mega+RAMPS 1.4 Shield+4 x A49AA Stepper Driver-

SC8UU Bearings(Replacement for LM8UU Bearings)-

SC8UU Bearings(Replacement for LM8UU Bearings)-

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Arduino 3D Printer Code,Software and Schematics

What is dimensions of the structure??

What are the dimensions of the structure???

Hi, Can you provide dimensions of the frame and rods?

3d printer 21.5 inch Aluminium channel cutting length size

I like What is dimensions of the structure??

Some with other comments, need to identify the dimensions. Please email, really appreciate it.

The length of the smooth rods will determine the dimensions.

what is dimensions of the structure?

Hi, Ive been able to work out most of the specs but cant figure out the number of the new replacement bearings. Would you please let me know.

By the way it was not only a great project and carried out well but your video work was good too.

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