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Micro laser sintering uses a powder bed and laser technology the manufacture micro parts. After a thin layer of powder is coated on a platform, a laser beam fuses the cross-section of the desired part. The platform is lowered by a layer and the process of powder coating, fusing and platform lowering is repeated until the entire part is manufactured layer by layer.

Freedom of design enables innovative lattice, lightweight or dynamic structures

Time-to-market reduction by fast feasibility feedback and cost efficient small series

Stress-free customization of individualized parts like medical implants

Cost advantages by integrated functionality

Complex 3D lattice structures Micro Laser Sintering enables maximum functionality by minimum material use

Lattice structures are used to save weight without sacrificing stability of parts. Furthermore these structures can also realize functions like shielding, guiding or separating fluids in medical devices, reactors, heat exchangers, fuel cells and other microfluidic applications.

Cost reduction by saving assembling  Functional module built at-once by Micro Laser Sintering

Grabbers or manipulators are used in numerous branches from medical technology to aerospace. Using conventional technologies such a grabber has to be assembled at least of four single pieces. The smaller the parts become, the more difficult the secure assembling of the tiny components is.

Micro Laser Sintering for highest quality standards  The future at your wrist

The watch manufacturing has in Europe a century old tradition and is the epitome of elegance, quality and precision. The production of precise serial components is carried out under the highest quality standards. Existing technologies for micro-machining already encounter the limits of feasibility. An additional individualization is only possible under enormous costs.

You have the application, we do have the experience with Micro Laser Sintering. With our engineering services we make your parts 3D […]

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01/20183D MicroPrint GmbH is start-up of the month January 2018 at 3Dnatives

3Dnatives is an online magazine for 3D printing and additive production with more than 220,000 visitors per month. They present the latest news, expert interviews and reports on technological developments of additive manufacturing

01/20183D MicroPrint GmbH wishing you all the best in 2018.

3D MicroPrint GmbH is a german company and specialized in the production of micro metal parts by Micro Laser Sintering and the sale of the associated machines.

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