Canon EOS 700D 18-55mm STM

Canon EOS 650D700D……Orz Canon D

700D Canon 650D 18-55mm STM 700D 18-55mm STM

1,800 APS-C Digic 5

ISO 100 – 12,800 ISO25,600

30-1/4000sec B

5fpsUHS-I 30 JPG

1080p / 30fpsMOV

LiveView Hybrid

580g 133 x 100 x 79mm

NT$22,900 / HK$6,180

18-55mm IS STM NT$26,900 / HK$7,280

18-135mm IS STM NT$35,900 / HK$9,080

700D 650D MENU 60D — Canon HDR SCN 360

700D 360 … 18-55mm STM 700D 18-55mm II — Kit —

650D 700D — …

18-55mm 700D 18-135mm STM Kit EOS 650D 9 700D STM 700D

LiveView 700D LiveView DSLR

LiveView — CIPA 440

700D 650D 18-55mm STM IS 18-55mm II IS Kit II …

18-55mm STM STM II / STM — II STM 18-55mm STM

700D STM Kit Kit 100%


Canon APS-C Canon 700D 500D 700D — Canon 18-55mm STM / Preset

18-55mm STM IS Orz / — Canon


700D 700D

700D 650D NR 100% ISO1600 ISO6400 — 700D NR Small OK Kit

100D EOS M


650D D STM Wi-Fi

Canon EOS 650D DSLR 9 Canon EOS 700D

Canon 650D Canon 700D 360 LiveView 700D Kit 18-55mm STM —

Canon 650D 18-55mm STM IS 700D 700D Kit

PC Windows 10 Microsoft Edge PC Google Chrome Firefox …

Skype 4.0 on TV 2014 Smart TV Skype on TV …

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