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The EOS satellite laser ranging facility at Mount Stromlo, Canberra is part of a global network of some 30 observatories using laser light to measure distances to orbiting satellites.  EOS offers 24/7 autonomous tracking and orbit prediction of up to 200,000 objects.

Eye safe operation even with high power lasers.

Ranging to high and low satellites with millimeter resolution.

High temporal resolution (kHz) tracking.

Network synchronized tracking and simultaneous tracking of multiple satellites.

Standard systems of 1m aperture with other sizes by negotiation.

EOS Space Systems (EOSSS) provides complete…

Stimulated Brillouin Scattering (SBS) process is…

Flexible timing processing platform for high…

Electro Optic Systems Pty Ltd (EOS) is a leading Australian technology company operating in the aerospace and defence markets.  Our products incorporate advanced electro-optic applications based on EOS core technologies in software, laser, electronics, optronics, gimbals, telescopes and beam directors, and precision mechanisms.

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