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When you attain level 50 or as early as level 45-49, start farming dungeons for equipment sets. Start

with normal dungeon and gather 6 pieces Earth set then move to Hero mode 8 set Earth Armors. It wont be

fast, but it will be easy. I always enter the dungeons with 20pcs pots and the majority of the time i finish the

Get what you need and prepare for degree 60 as early as level 40 . Theres plenty of players who learned

this hard lesson upon reaching degree 60. Dont do the exact same mistake!

As an adventurous Earth Guardian, gathering cooking materials is very easy. You mob 10 monsters, kill

em, let your pet loot the stuff and continue the cycle. within an hour youll have more than enough

materials to fill your hunger for the whole week and make buff foods for you and for others to buy. In

fact you dont even need to bother eating, but that 10% HP & Damage is definitely helpful and worth it.

NOTE: There are sets that gives added bonus only up to 6 sets and some sets (from hero mode etc) gives

awesome bonus effects upon completing 8 sets.

one: 8 pieces Earth Guardian Set = This is the SOLID immortal armor set! solid defense stats solid

survival solid sustainability. For those who want to farm without having spending a single pot or breaking a sweat

then use this set. I use this set on farming elites and bosses.

two: six pieces Earth Guardian Set 1 Storm Guardian Weapon 1 storm guard armor = When you think you are able to

handle some pain and you want to trade a little bit of defense for DPS then use this set combination.

3: 6 pieces Storm Set (Weapon included) two Earth Armor Set = When you think it is possible to actually handle the

pain and want to pump up your DPS then use this set. I use this set in farming normal mobs, killing them

is so fast the only downtime you will get is due to mobs respawn rate!. That moment when other players stares

at you whilst u kill 10 mobs all at precisely the same time and it takes exactly the same time or even less of killing 10

mobs in contrast to them killing 1 at a time…and when you finish doing what you do most effective, they say wtf

Why not use 8 pcs STORM guard set? See for yourself.

VERDICT: ALWAYS have at the very least 6pcs STORM GUARD (including weapon) armor set and 8pcs EARTH GUARD

EOS: Bastion of Cork Dungeon Information

EOS Guideline: Ways to Level up Fast

Guardian Guide! The two Storm and Earth, PvE and PvP

EOS: Bastion of Cork Dungeon Information

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