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What You Need to Know About Koozies

Have you ever wondered why your beer gets warm faster compared to that of your friend’s? The reason could be that they are taking their beer from a Koozie wrapped can. You might be thinking to yourself, “What are Koozies”? Koozies are just wrappers which are manufactured from synthetic substances which assist in keeping liquids cool. Even though some Koozies could be redcued using leather or cloth, others are made from substances such as leather, cloth while others are manufactured from materials such as vinyl, Neoprene and other closed-cell and open-cell foams.

So how do Koozies work? Imagine a case where you have a can that has chilled beer. Koozies can keep the beer in the can from becoming warm as they insulate the beer from heat radiation and conduction which could happen through a simple touch or the sun. Specialists believe that Koozies can aid in lowering the speed at which a drink is warmed by the sun up to 50%.

Koozies are mainly used when individuals are outdoors and they do not have access to fridges. Busy professionals and college students who are mainly moving about find it convenient to use Koozies to keep their drinks cold.

Even though most Koozies have gone through a phase of evolvement, there are some shapes and sizes which are a bit popular. These are the Koozies for the 40 oz bottles and adjustable Koozies which are utilized for drinks or food containers which come in a variety of sizes. Nearly all Koozies have a handle on the top to help in holding them easily. A number of them have a strap which is long which permits them to slink the Koozie wrapped drink container over their shoulders.

Even though the primary objective of suing a Koozie is to cool the drink, some people utilize Koozies to identify their beer can or beverage container from that of others. This eliminates any mix ups. They write their names and put tags on the Koozies to make them stand out from the others.

Marketers and advertisers on the other hand see the larger picture since they have determined that Koozies are a great way to market any service or product because of some reasons. First, they are inexpensive to make and one can get them in various sizes, shapes and colors.

Advertising and promotion using Koozies takes place in a few ways. A number of promoters love to buy Koozies and then print the names and logos of their customers on them with a simple advertising message. This happens at trade fairs to attract clients to their stands. Folks also play their role by using Koozies for a number of purposes. Some utilize it as a fashion statement while for others, it is a fashion accessory particularly for those that go to school.

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