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The Types and Value of Shrimp

The shrimp is one of the most notable shellfish that is found in plenty at the gulf. They come in different types. We however have a few of them that are actually major in this particular class of shrimp. They come in three types as indicated in here.

We first have a look at the brown shrimp. There are people that will also call them brownies while others will refer to them as the red shrimp. It has been discovered that they live in waters that have a depth that goes between 180 and 360 feet. As these shrimp go on growing, they will tend to move to areas that are saltier. They are known to be busy at night or towards dusk. In most cases, they will prefer being in muddy areas or places that are heavy in organic matter that is decaying. Then there is the white shrimp. It is also referred to as the northern white shrimp or the lake shrimp. They will often be inhabited in waters that have a depth of between ninety and two hundred and seventy feet. They actually live in muddy bottoms. Such estuaries might always have water that is less salty. We also have the pink shrimp. It is known to have the softest meat. This meat is usually sweet all-round the year. In most cases, you will find them during the winter seasons. It is during these moments that they will appear to bury themselves in substrate. It is only through this that they can easily protect themselves from the cold.

Gulf shrimp is known for its great nutritional value. Beside the fact that they contain water, they are known for being made of protein. They will provide you with the kind of nutrients that you deserve. In addition, they are known for both low fat and carbohydrates. They actually have a series of other very useful nutrients. They also possess antioxidant properties. This will be helpful in fighting any damaging free radical. They will also ensure that there are no cell membranes that are destroyed. This will make sure that you do not suffer from premature aging or illnesses. These antioxidant properties will often keep you away from any instance of inflammation. It is also clear that they play an important role in enhancing immunity.

You will also realize that shrimp have anti-cancer properties. This is as a result of the carotenoids that they have. They are actually known for having an antioxidant property that purposes to kill various cancer cells as well as stop further growth of these particular cells. This does ensure that there is reduction of oxidative stress too. They stand out as a great option for your health.

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