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Music mobile phone is one of the most popular types of mobile phones on the market, and all manufacturers have adopted brand strategy in order to seize this market. Among them, Sony Ericsson is the most successful brand strategy because of the support of the Walkman brand. The manufacturer, and Motorola’s ROKR series, Nokia’s XpressMusic series, although not as strong as Walkman, but thanks to the long-term cultivation of manufacturers, they already have their own FANS group; Samsung does not have such a few manufacturers The music phone is independent of a series, but it has launched several music phones with very obvious personality, and it has also received a good market response. This is enough to show that manufacturers support this market, and also make many consumers have higher requirements for music phones.
Since music phones have become the first choice for many consumers when they buy the next phone, how do you choose when faced with such a wide variety of music phones? Let me give you a summary of the issues that should be paid attention to in the selection of music phones, and recommend several music phones worth considering at various price points.
1, professional music player software

Perfect playback interface
For a music phone, face is very important, and the face of the music phone is embodied in the music player software. If the interface is dazzling, the function can be perfected, and the operation is humanized, it is undoubtedly huge for consumers. attract. At present, almost all music phones have their own playback software, and they are constantly improving the software through version upgrades, which is very good. The Walkman software in Sony Ericsson is definitely doing a better job. Sony has been working hard in the field of players for a long time. Sony has its own experience in the field of music mobile phones. The software launched is also the most powerful. I believe this is also the choice of many consumers. The reason for the Walkman music phone.
2, enough storage space
Storage space is also very important for a music phone, and under the current technical conditions, even if a music phone can not bring a large amount of storage space, it will provide support for the expansion card, through the expansion card to achieve A huge amount of storage space. At present, the size of an MP3 format audio file is about 5MB, so I think that the capacity of a music phone is at least 128MB. Fortunately, almost all music phones currently send expansion cards, and the price of expansion cards is relatively cheap. It is not difficult to replace large-capacity expansion cards.
3, has a music play shortcut
Music shortcut
In the music phone, if there is a music shortcut, it is believed that it will bring great convenience to the consumer. With the shortcut keys, some simple and convenient operations can be performed on the music player software, which saves the consumer from using it. The cumbersomeness of the game makes it possible for consumers to use the music phone as a music player. Fortunately, the current mobile phone with music as a selling point has done a good job at this point, almost all of the music shortcuts appear, it is worthy of recognition.
4, complete data transmission function
The data transmission capability of the music phone is also worth considering, which also brings convenience to the sharing of music. If you find a song you like in your friend’s mobile phone, you can directly include the song in Bluetooth or infrared transmission. What a pleasant thing in the middle, if you do not support these features, will it be quite depressed? And if you are equipped with the latest technology, there is still a big advantage in the transmission time, so the ability of data transmission is also quite worth considering.
5, the choice of headphone interface

Headphone jack
Because the earphone interface on the mobile phone is various, it is also a big test for some consumers who have requirements for sound quality, because the mainstream high-end headphones on the market are for all kinds of players. The 3.5mm interface, so they can not use their favorite headphones for music appreciation. This phenomenon has been changed in the near future. Many manufacturers have attached a 3.5mm headphone interface to the music phone accessories, and some manufacturers have also directly introduced a 3.5mm headphone jack. Music phones provide consumers with a choice. Therefore, when choosing a music phone, you must pay attention to the headset interface of the machine. Even if the body does not support the 3.5mm headphone jack, you must bring an adapter. Are you right?
6, continuous music playback time
The continuous music playing time is also a problem that consumers should consider. Because the functions of mobile phones are more and more and the screens are getting more and more obscure, these factors will affect the continuous use time of mobile phones to a certain extent, and music playback is also among them. In general, the continuous playback time of a music phone can reach 10 hours or more, even if it is quite good, and for consumers who like to listen to songs, it is often more difficult to buy a mobile phone. This also solves the problem of power consumption of music playback to a certain extent. However, the author believes that manufacturers should still strengthen research and development efforts to solve the current difficult problem of mobile phone batteries.
After reading so many introductions, I believe that everyone has a spectrum in mind. Let me recommend to you several music phones that are currently quite good at all price points.related articles http://ts80hou.com/en/buy china mobile.html

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