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Key Elements When Writing to Inmates Through Pen Pal Programs

Studies have revealed that the arrangement of pen pal for inmates programs have played an essential role in helping to rehabilitate prisoners. Numerous sites exist where inmates seek penfriends. And the program helps t build relationships that mature into valuable dealings. Prisoners feel more appreciated by the outside world. This way they can enhance their self-worth, improve on their relations, and increase their hopes for life after prison. If you are planning to start writing to male or female inmates through pen pal, reflect on these points.

The initial aspect, is to note that prisoners are unable to access to any website. Therefore all communication is done through the US mail. Inmates are offered an opportunity to get their profiles updated online. With these sites, you get to select your favorite inmates from many inmates. click here for more.

In the first letter, you will have to introduce yourself. You will need to offer a full description about yourself. Ensure that you inform the inmate about your physical aspects such as color, age, height, complexion and much more. You may also want to share with the prisoner about your beliefs, interests and even occupation. You may also want to share with the inmate about your family and interests. It is advisable, not to give them your telephone number, more so, during the introduction stage. The primary way that they can contact you is through collect calls. Though these are more expensive. You may click here for more info.

Furthermore, make sure you write personalized letters. No matter the number of inmates you are writing, avoid duplicated messages. Duplicated messages lack a personal touch. And remember that anyone can tell when the letter is general and duplicated.

Check to ensure that the letter is clear. Take time t type your message for clarity purposes. However, if you have neat and presentable penmanship, then handwriting would be more appropriate. The handwritten letters provide a personal touch to the content. But again, go with what is best for you.

You may also decide to attach at least two of your pictures in the first letter. However, this is not mandatory. You may use two pictures that show your half and full view. Use a friendly pose that will attract your pen pal. You may even pose with your pet or while undertaking some of your hobbies.

As you progress in this form f communication, you will manage to learn more about the inmates. All of them will have different personalities. However, among them, you will find one that you share interests and personalities.

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