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Moving to LED automotive lights can offer great benefits like more visibility and safety for night driving. In the past years, these lights have surfaced as a favorite upgrade alternative to stock halogen light bulbs. Why so?


The amount of electricity that turns into visible light in a regular light bulb is but a mere 3%. The remaining electricity becomes heat energy, which has nothing to contribute to illumination. In contrast, a LED light uses an impressive 90% of the electricity it receives to produce visible light, with only 10% converted into heat waste.This indicates that a LED light bulb can give off considerably more illumination per watt than an equivalent halogen bulb.|This proves that a LED light bulb can provide significantly more illumination per watt in comparison to a corresponding halogen bulb.|This shows that a LED light bulb can emits markedly more illumination per watt when compared to a matching halogen bulb.|


In a bulb is a gas inhibitor that houses a filament that works to resist incoming current, thereby creating light as an effect of the resistance. So what’s the importance of this? The filament is literally on fire inside that enclosed system. If there is anything that impacts how it burns – say, too high or too low temperatures – the regular bulb will not last very long and will require a replacement.

Although halogen technology has come a long way up to a point where this filament can keep going beyond 1500 hours, LED lights exceed this lifespan by a mile. This is because a LED does not need an extra inhibitor to keep itself from burning up. The semiconductors comprising the diode are working as the inhibitor. Besides the semiconductor, the amount of current is the only other regulator it needs. Compared to the other parts of an electrical system, this is among the easiest to control and also the most predictable today. As an effect, the design becomes less prone to failure and will have a way longer lifespan.


). It is because of this that off-road vehicles usually have LED light bars. While halogen and HID light bulbs would likely break every now and then because of the rigors of off-road travel, the sturdy LED light can weather all the abuse and remain shining.

Colors and Applications

Though halogen bulbs are generally confined to emitting usual off-white light, LED lights gives you a variety of light colors wider than any other lighting style, even HID. This, plus its ruggedly compact design, makes the LED light strip very popular among those who are customizing vehicles. You can keep your stock halogen headlights if you prefer, but colorful LEDs can lend character to your interior and exterior lighting, which lets you conserve the draw on your vehicle’s electrical system.

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