Tips to Ensure All Guests Are Satisfied When You Have a Catered Buffet Gathering

Whenever you host a catered event it’s imporant to consider all of your guests’ dietary restrictions. It can be uncomfortable for you, as the host, and other guests, when a certain few have no food options to choose from. Therefore, before you contact buffet catering services in Singapore, make sure you have finalized your guest list and taken into account the dietary restrictions of your guests. Even if you’re not sure about a guest’s eating habits, by coming up with a well-rounded menu, you’ll make sure that everyone leaves your event satisfied and thankful that you are such a thoughtful host.


Instead of one or even two entrees, opt for three. Make sure that at least one of these entrees is vegan. Those who eat vegan are often disappointed when they invited to an event, because they are often left with only salad for dinner. Discuss some vegan options with your caterer. Also vary the proteins in the two other options. It’s nice to make one meat or poultry and the other a seafood option.

Consider Dietary Restrictions

There are many people who simply can’t eat certain things. If you know that a guest has a dairy allergy, nut allergy, or other type of food intolerance, inform your caterer of the allergy. In fact, you may want to ask that your buffet remains ‘nut free’ to ensure your guests safety. Be sure to offer side dishes that are non-dairy for the guests with dairy allergies. You may want to ask guests to send you an email or give you a call to discuss food allergies before you order the food.


Just as you provide a variety of entrees, continue the theme with a variety of dressings, and condiments. Allow guests to pour their own condiments and gravy. Some may love potatoes, smothered in gravy, and some may not.


While many consider desserts to be indulgent and over the top, some may be trying to eat healthy, or may be diabetic, so have a healthy option for them. All of your guests can indulge a little when you have an indulgent dessert and a healthy one, to end the meal.

Follow these tips when working with your caterer and you’ll have a successful event where everyone is well-fed. Your guests will appreciate the extra time that you took to consider their special dietary concerns.

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