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Every year, we meet many people who think what we do is interesting, but arent quite sure how our 3D scanning technologies can help them. Were sure that if you clicked on the link to read this article, you might be one of those people. Dont worry, Direct Dimensions is here to help — our […]

Price Comparison FORMLABS – 3d printers

While one extruder prints the main object, the second extruder can print the support material. Not only can you now print different colors at the same time, but you can also print two different materials simultaneously. Printing water-soluble support material was never so easy. Good to know: an extruder is somethimes called a printer head. […]

Compare PolyJet Desktop 3D Printers

The Ultimate Multi-Functional Desktop 3D Printers The Objet24, Objet30 Basic, Objet30 Pro, and the Objet30 Prime provide a number of unique capabilities in an affordable desktop machine.  The industrys highest level print resolution and up to 12 different 3D Printing materials including clear transparent material, high-temperature resistant material, polypropylene-like, rubber-like, and a bio-compatible material. Layer […]

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