Solidator works with liquid plastic materials (similar to nail polish) that harden when exposed to strong visible light. We work with partners that provide these materials to you directly. We have developed a special liquid plastic resin mix with our resin providers. R001 Professional Transparent Orange Resin (High-Speed Prototyping) 130 EUR/kg This is the standard […]

Dazz 3D

Crisp Details Long Lifespan User-Friendly High Resolution & Automatic support generation User friendly software interface design, ideal for beginner and expert alike printing With years of 3D printing technical experience, the first desktop SLA 3D printer with real-time printing displaying was launched in 2015 after 2 years of research and development. 3D printing is widely […]

New Uncia DLP 3D Printer

Polyga meets prosumer demand with new line of HDI Compact 3D scanners Kodak and Twindom launch 3D scanning booth at CES 2018 SHINING 3D unveils EinScan Discovery and HD Prime Packs at CES 2018 Vulcain 2.1 test fired, 3D printed rocket engine parts to lift off in 2020 $2.9M 3D printing contract recharges U.S. Air […]

mUVe 3D DLP Mount

Our DLP Printers are fully open, fully adjustable, and are sure to fit the needs of everyone. Whether youre a dentist, jeweler, organic or solid modeler, our printers can do it all! The mUVe 3D Laser Printer is bridging the gap between the hobbyist maker and the high-price resin printers that are currently out of […]

dlp 3d powder printer

Jinhua Wanhao Spare Parts Co., Ltd. Please confirm the quantity of the goods. Card Printer, Label Printer, Tube Printer Engineers available to service machinery overseas Replicator G, Simplify 3D(optional) Multifunction 3d printer machine details: 0.2mm-0.4mm or 0.25mm-0.35mm (depend on model) 1.8 step angle with 1/16 micro-stepping High accuracy linear guide and ball screw transmission device […]


is a host and control software for SLA / DLP 3D printers. Raspberry Pi, Windows, Linux and Mac versions are available. High performance solution with no noticable delay on Raspberry Pi for basic functionality. Feature rich slicer with dimming, hollowing, infill, mask and AA support. Compatible with wide range of platforms and hardwares. Accessible by […]

The Solus DLP 3D Printer

Reify3Ds Solus DLP 3D printer brings the price down for super-high resolution 3D printing. The Solus is an inexpensive 3D printer that solidifies layers of resin using UV light from a DLP projector, in a manner similar to Formlabs equipment. However, theres some advantages and disadvantages to their approach. Priced at only USD$2,299, the machine […]


With 30/50microns XY resolution, M-Jewelry is especially designed for Jewelry Industy & Medical Applications UV-LED enjoys extra-long working hours up to 50,000+. Print without the Be avoid of the inconvenience of wired printing, easy your printing and free you from various cables. Fashionable way to control your printer. With 3.5 touch screen,  all at your fingertips. M-Jewelry is comprised of two types as […]

Miicraft DLP 3D printer

Join our mailing list and get weekly updates dont worry, its free and always will be Miicraft launched theirDLP resin-based 3D printeron Indiegogo. They are seeking a reasonable funding of $100,000 USD. They already released their first model in the beginning of April, when information about the printer was sparse. Now they put the model […]

Nautilus Reaches Goal on Indiegogo

A nine member team led by Lei Wang of Beijing, China has introduced a DLP photopolymerization 3D printer on Indiegogo and reached its funding goal with a few days to spare.  The printer is called the Nautilus and it was clearly designed with aesthetics in mind.  The goal was modest at $3,000, but the achievement […]

The SolidRay DLP 3D Printer

Madrid-based kitprinter3D is working on a new resin-based 3D printer, the SolidRay. The new machine, shown at top, will be one of the few 3D printer kits that uses resin technology. A projector (provided separately) illuminates a vat of UV-curable resin to gradually produce solid layers of each print. The SolidRay isnt out yet, but […]

The 10 best resin 3D printers

The 10 best budget 3D printers under $300 💰 The 20 best large volume desktop 3D printers The 15 best 3D printers on Amazon 📦 The 10 best 3D printers under $1,000 The 10 best resin 3D printers (SLA / DLP) 12 PEEK 3D printers (also ULTEM® and PEI) 16 house 3D printers for construction […]

MiiCraft 125 series -3D Printer

MiiCraft 125 series printer enables high resolution and accurate printing without sacrificing productivity and quality. With its large build platform, it gives the printing enthusiast the ability to print more models in one single printing session or one single high resolution model. MiiCraft 125 series printer is capable building models up to 150*84mm @ 78um […]

Full Spectrum Laser

See all our laser engravers / cutters Professional UV Projector for greatest speed, precision and reliability. The Phoenix Touch™ Pro UV-LED 3D printer is an ideal choice for dental professionals, jewelry artisans, and firms aiming to bring their modeling or prototyping activities to the next level. The Phoenix Touch Pro UV-LED is reliable and easy […]


Maximize productivity with a powerful dual-capacity 3D printer. Accuracy down to the finest detail on an Open Material System. Expand the possibilities of product development with high-performing materials. Achieve superior performance, control, and return for a plethora of professional applications. The Ackuretta Diplo is a professional-grade 3D printer that offers high resolution, an open material […]


DLP 3D (TI) DLP 3D (SDK) 3D DLP 3D TI DLP® LightCrafter 4500 (EVM) DLP® 0.45 WXGA TI MSP430 3D DLP® LIGHTCRAFTER™ 4500$1299.00(USD) TIDA-00293 LightCrafter 4500 Modifications TIDA-00293 BeagleBone MSTP Cape Gerber TIDA-00293 Mechanical Structure Drawings TIDA-00293 BeagleBone MSTP Cape BOM TIDA-00293 3D Printer Level Translator BOM TIDA-00293 BeagleBone MSTP Cape Schematic TIDA-00293 3D Printer […]

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