Comparison of Metal 3D Printing

AM Strategies Medical & Dental Summit – Register Now! The Voice of 3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing for Prototyping and Production – October 2017 Beginner Design for 3D Printing – June 2017 Advanced Design for 3D Printing – June 2017 Beginner Design for 3D Printing – April 2017 Advanced Design for 3D Printing […]

EOS File Formats and Specification

TheEOS GmbHcompany uses some proprietary formats with their , …). During my thesis I figured out some of these formats. nterface (SLI) uses a proprietary binary File Format to store the Sliced Layer Data. This format based on the binary version of theCLI([backup link] cli format) ( nterface) format. It adds a special Index-Table on […]

Global Metal Additive Manufacturing Market 2016-2020 – Key Vendors are Arcam EOS ExOne Renishaw SLM Solutions – Research and Markets

Global Metal Additive Manufacturing Market 2016-2020 – Key Vendors are Arcam, EOS, ExOne, Renishaw & SLM Solutions – Research and Markets June 14, 2016 09:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Marketshas announced the addition of theGlobal Metal Additive Manufacturing Market 2016-2020report to their offering. The global metal additive manufacturing market to grow at […]


¹EOS M400 3Dӡ/ٳͻרԹҵֱߴ ¹EOS M400 3Dӡ400 x 400 x 400 mmijͿռ䡣¹EOS M400 3DӡܹڹҵģCADֱͽҪĹߡ ¹EOS M400 3Dӡʹһǧߵļ⣬߹ʣʣʹͿĵƬʹʱӼ٣ʹĴԶϴܵѭϵͳͲϹ˵ijɱ ¹EOS M400 3Dӡʹģʹûһģչơ ¹EOS M400 3Dӡ㷺Ĺӹܣߵһˮƽ ¹EOS M400 3Dӡ׼ͼ㹤Ӵӡӡϵͳרע ¹EOS M400 3Dӡָ֧ӽṹĽϵͳѺãͨɿټ򵥵IJ ¹EOS M400 3DӡṩԽԽĽϣԻ EOS RP ToolsMagics RPMaterialise Ϻ˹Ϣ޹˾ ֻ139I6204591 䣺mastershtolerancec0m ҳչֵĹ˾ϢƷϢϢԴӦ̣Ϣʵԡ׼ȷԺͺϷɸϢԴҵȫӦ̶Դ˲֤ ڹزƷǰȷϹӦʼƷ͵ļ۸ϢԴթΪ

DMLS A Bumpy Road in History

Last week I discussed our involvement withDirect Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and that improvements in the technologywere maturing. Today Id like to reveal just a fraction of the history related to DMLS, and some key players in the field. It is a little rocky, and you can find some strategic plays, both successful and unsuccessful, if […]

EOS M400

EOS has today announced collaborations with Continental, the German automotive manufacturing company, and i3D, a metal 3D printing service provider, who have both acquired metal AM systems. Liebherr Aerospace has harnessed EOS metal 3D printing technology to develop a flight control hydraulic component.more German additive manufacturing solutions provider to install systems in new industrial 3D […]

EOS and SLM Solutions Agree on Cross-Licence for Laser Sintering – Selective Laser Melting

EOS and SLM Solutions Agree on Cross-Licence for Laser Sintering Selective… EOS and SLM Solutions Agree on Cross-Licence for Laser Sintering Selective Laser Melting EOS and SLM Solutions, both providers of the metal-based additive manufacturing technology, have announced that they have entered into a cross licensing agreement. The licence includes patents of both parties for […]

Sintavia Raises the Bar for Production-Level 3D-Printed Parts

Rapid Ready Technology Making digital designs physical Sintavia Raises the Bar for Production-Level, 3D-Printed Parts Sintavia Raises the Bar for Production-Level, 3D-Printed Parts Posted by:Pamela J. WatermaninAdditive Manufacturing MaterialsAerospaceIndustrial Additive Manufacturing SystemsLarge-scale Additive ManufacturingService BureausOctober 3, 2017 When theSintaviaproduction company came on my radar last winter, I was surprised by the depth of its capabilities. […]

EOS M 100

formnext 2015: shaping the future of additive manufacturing EOS introduces steadily growing portfolio of proven and new solutions in Frankfurt Frankfurt, 17 November 2015 EOS, the global technology and quality leader for high-end additive manufacturing (AM) solutions, will present its extensive andRead More Direct Metal Laser SinteringDMLSDr. Adrian KepplerEOSEOS M 100EOS M 290EOS StainlessSteel CXEOSTATE […]


The EOSINT M 270 was the first Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) machine from EOS at GPI. The M270 is an additive layer manufacturing system for metal components. It builds high quality metal parts from 3D CAD data fully automatically, with no need for tools. The system builds parts up layer by layer by melting […]

Global Metal 3D Printer Market 2016 – EOS GmbH SLM 3D Systems Huake 3D Syndaya Renishaw

Set your current location to find local services & contents All about digital fabrication and 3DPrinting. Build your 3DPrinter, learn, design and share you experiments. Read up on news, views, and social networking in the world of 3DPrinting. Market Research Report on Metal 3D Printer begins with definition, application, classification, industry chain analysis, news analysis, […]


3DEOSSLMConcept Laser3D 75%750X750mm3D XDM7503D600mm SLM3D750X750X500mmXDM750SLM 3D SLM3DXDM7502000X2000mm6SLM SLM3D 3DEOSSLM solutions, Concept Laser, RenishawXDM750XDM750Concept Laser X line 2000R 2X500W4X500W XDM7503DEOSM2904EOS 863

Resume Builder

Create a professional, job-ready resume in minutes with Resume Builder. Well guide you step-by-step and help you choose the right words to tell your unique story. Well get you prepared to ace all your interviews with customized tips and advice. Receive daily job alerts, tailored just for youor search millions of jobs in our database. […]


Capable of processing Aluminum, Titanium & Nickel powders Parts can be built in ether Argon or Nitrogen atmosphere For more infomationEOS_info(opens PDF in new window) Maintained by:Monash Technology Research Platforms. Copyright© 2012Monash University. ABN 12 377 614 012 -AccessibilityCautionPrivacy Created byDNA Integrated Communications.

ĩٳԱ SLM vs EBM

ֲѡԵɨۻ۴ϵĽĩۼƵɽõΪԴ϶Լⶼڲ̶ͬȷ䣬һڳϸ͸ӵ״ڸߣߵȽºϽ𡢸۵ͭڱӹ̵ɲõɨÿһĩɨԤȣʹڼӹɴIJӦ ԭIJͬҲԵõIJ죬2ʾϱȽϣSLMõı͸׼ȷĽṹϸ΢dzʺĥӦãijҽֲ򣬱ֲڵEBMܻӭ⣬EBMӦѵһ ȿɴRa 912 m,ϱֱȸߣȴ֣ ȿɴRa 2535 mϱȸߣֱȴ֣ ArTC4ELI,ѧԪ٣ , AlMgȵ۵Ԫڷĩԭֲ ײˮƽˮƽڷȵ֧ţ֧٣ ֱ0.5mmˮƽ8mm ܹ׳ߴ0.52.0mmĩѶȱȽϴ SLMEBMȣSLMڽϵ¶½۳ȴٶȿ죬ȵĿ֯EBMͨ˻¶Ͻ۳ȴٶȻMorris Technologies˾Ti-6Al-4VSLMEBMԱͼ3ǶԱSLMEBM֯ԱȣͼǺϸ״ұͼ״࣬ɴ˿ԿSLMEBMĽ֯Ե졣֯IJȻҲѧܵIJͬ3ǶԱݣԿSLMǿˮƽֱ򶼱EBMߣԶEBMҪֹ͡ɵȵȾѹ֯һѧҲࡣ 3Ti-6Al-4V׺ϽEBMSLMѧܶԱ ϶Աȷ֪ĿǰֹոصƣֱӦڲͬSLMϸ͸ӳ̶ȷƣEBMڿӦSLMEBMԲȴ վҳ˾Ŷ̬Ʒ֤˲Ƹϵ

SLM Wash

It is fast, so fast, cleaning 3D PolyJet printed parts in minutes and making you look like a hero. Removes wax support material from Projet printed parts, particularly from complicated geometries. Marine grade stainless steel Jacuzzi bath that can be set to any temperature and any time. Eliminates excess metal powder from SLM printed parts […]

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