Spot-A Materials

We have been developing several products initially available to our OEM manufacturing partners which we are now listing them in our web-shop. We will be releasing novel materials that have interesting properties and have thoroughly been tested and validated in real life applications. These materials offer outstanding properties including structural and mechanical improvements, niche applications, […]

Kudo3DƳڶDLP-SLA 3DӡTitan 2

ٶȸ죬Ҽ۸ͣΪ˺ӭ˾ΪƷ ʱKudo3DһֱæڶǵڳŵҵͻԼ²Ʒ񣬸˾ƳڶDLP-SLA 3DӡTitan 2ĿǰƷijΪ3288Ԫ һƷȣTitan 2԰ڿƷĸĽɿԼij̶ֳϵ⣬ɳߴӣǷֱȴֲҪΪһķֱѾﵽ൱ߵˮƽ ֮⣬Titan 2WiFiõݮɣWebƶ̨3Dӡٵߺ״ƽ̨ԽʹӡʱTitan 2ڳ֮ǰ Ѿװϲ׼õ Kudo3D˾ƣ68տʼTitan 2ѾԤ7³ɷTitan 2 DLP-SLA 3Dӡļָ꣺ һƪMiiCraftƳҵDLP 3Dӡ CMSFraunhofer3D CMSFraunhofer3D LCD/LEDĿԴSLA 3DӡuTopiaP Stratasys˾ҵ3DӡObjet Stratasysȫ3DӡObjet 500 Con 3Dӡ-3DӡŻPower by3Dӡ ַĴʡؼ칫21 䣺߿ͷ 3DӡȨ ϽƺͶ⾵ 񹲺͹ϢҵţICP09018226-11

kudo3dcom Information

Read our Review – Stat Analysis Report – including SEO Report, whois lookup and website valuation or worth. Kudo3D High Resolution, High Speed DLP SLA 3D Printer Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description are all HTML tags used for your site to be recognized by, and to give information to search engines. Title Use:titleThe title […]

Kudo3D4BeanSLA 3D

3DKudo3DKickstarterBeanSLA 3DTitan 1Titan 2 DLP 3D 3DKudo3D20143DTitan 1 DLP 3DKickstarter687,116SLA-DLP 3D Kudo3DDLP 3DTitan 2(7.5 x7.3 x 9.8) Titan 1Titan 2 3D23XY Kudo3DSLA-DLP 3DBean Kudo3DTedd Syao3DKudo3D3D Kudo3D3D20174KickstarterSLA Kudo3DDBean SLA 3D8x8x1615(4.7×2.8×5.9)Bean 3DXY50Z10 3DBeanKudo3D3D(Kudo3D(PSP)SLA) Kudo3D3D

Kudo3DSLA Bean 3D

Kudo3DInc.TeddSyao20132014DLP-SLATitan13DTitan23DBeanKudo3DPSPBean3DKudo3D3D Kudo3D3DTitan1Kickstarter69Bean3DKickstarter50000800 BeanLCDSLA3DDLP3D2KLCD405nmLEDBeanTitan1BeanBean3DKickstarterIndiegogo84Kudo3DIndiegogoLCDSLA3D Bean3DKudo3DPSPLCDKudo3DBeanSyao Bean47umKudo3D40W60W1020DLP3D50XYZ10 3D1568120155202040BeanTitan2Teflon Bean3D3Kudo3D2018 Indiegogo449Bean3D623D250PSP LAN100Bean3DPSP250WiFi


PLEASE DO NOT USE THE IMAGES WITHOUT PERMISSION. Kudo3D reserve the right to take any action we may deem appropriate in our sole discretion with respect to violations. The prints are made for the purpose of illustration and machine testing only. Kudo3D respects the intellectual property rights of the authors and owners. Please notify us […]


rank in the world wide web. The website server is using IP address and is hosted in . The Google page rank of this website is 0/10. Website ping to the server is timed at 1746 ms. . This domain creation date on 0001-01-01. By the domain, you can see that different countries, […]

Kudo3D˾½͸߷ֱSLA Bean 3Dӡ

ݳ˾Kudo3D Inc.Tedd Syaoʿ2013괴2014꿪ʼʹDLP-SLA Titan 1ʼʵݵרҵ߷ֱSLA 3Dӡ Titan 2߶㷺صѧ͹˾ĶӦ 3DӡBeanʹKudo3Dרʽ԰루PSP ̸Bean 3DKudo3DһֱæΪ3Dӡ Kudo3DһΪ3Dӡٰɹڳ – Titan 1KickstarterڼԼ69ԪBean 3DӡKickstarterڶ̶ڴﵽ50,000ԪijĿ; ڴﵽĿ800ϡ һLCDSLA 3DӡʹDLPͶӰ3Dģͣʹø߷ֱʵ2KҺɫ405nm LED; ҲDZ˺ͻ˾ܿṩBeanĽע֬Ϊ̩̹1һն䱸һɼأƽĽƽ̨Ԥȱ͵ͻ֮ǰ׼ 죬Bean 3DӡKickstarterdzɹȻͨIndiegogo򡣵ĿǰΪֹ˾ѾBeanڳƽ̨ϳ˳84Ԫʽƽ̨ԭΪ̶Ϊɫ̬Ѻԡ Kudo3DIndiegogoҪ֤LCDSLAڷֱʺͳɱǸȽ3Dӡ Bean3DӡΪ߶ƵģΪʲôṩߴӡͽգʱۣҼ۸ ͨKudo3DרPSP볬߷ֱLCDʵֵġ ǣѾӡ̣ȴ – ܵĶ͸ˡ ΪȷߵKudo3Dһֱԭʼԭͺ;ĹƣSyaoʿ߲ɷߡ BeanѾӵ47umĸ߷ֱʣKudo3D֮һǹ40W60Wÿʱ1020׵ĴӡٶȣȡͺDLP 3Dӡȣ50΢XYġ˵ĸ߷ֱʡ10΢׵ZϵIJȡ һ̨ɵ3DӡڴӰ칫ңҵҵĻֻ15Ϊ68120155ףߴΪ202040ס Bean֬Titan 2ĸĽ – ֻҪTeflonĤ Bean 3Dӡĸɵĵݸ˺ݮ3; Kudo3DҲڿһĿǰҺ̬֬ɫɹѡ2018꿪ʼǰɽ֬ͷš Indiegogo$ 449˷ѣļ۸Bean 3Dӡװ൱ڽʡ62䱸3Dӡ250Green ResinBuild PlatformPSP֬Starter ߰ݣ Bean3DӡײͻһPSP֬ɫWiFiͺ̻250˻ɫ֬100Ԫ 3Dӡ-3DӡŻPower by3Dӡ ַĴʡؼ칫21 䣺߿ͷ 3DӡȨ ϽƺͶ⾵ 񹲺͹ϢҵţICP09018226-11

SYNC 2014

2013ZeppSentriKudo3DGoMore PingWest YourSpace10235 2:10pm 2:40pm       2:40pm 3:30pm       3:30pm 3:45pm       3:45pm 4:00pm      Nest 4:00pm 4:50pm       4:30pm 5:30pm  DemoShow8Demo + 2QA 3-5mini DemoBooth Booth+1000


ش߰칫ӡƵԭ̻3Dӡ֬ϣʹҺ̬̳֬ͣ߱߾ȡ߳ص㡣̻3DӡǷ߸3Dӡ3DӡƷΪ̻3DӡԻ޴ܷ߸ʵҲһɺǿǾʹӴӡƷʼ˽⡣ ȥ֧ţ3DӡǧֹͼԴ Ʒϸ࣬ɢԵ֬ͼԴ 3DӡҲǵŴӡġͼԴ Ʒһ߶ȴﵽ9.5ϡͼԴ 3DӡŮ񡣸߶Ҳ9.5ϡͼԴ ڳ㹻ԽģһӡͼԴ ԭתأעԴ߸̻3Dӡ߾ȳƷ ش߰칫ӡƵԭ̻3Dӡ֬ϣʹҺ̬̳֬ͣ߱߾ȡ߳ص㡣̻3DӡǷ߸3Dӡ3DӡƷΪ̻3DӡԻ޴ܷ߸…


Kudo3ds mission is to provide high quality, professional-grade 3D printing at affordable price points. To this end, Kudo3d created the Titan 1, a high performance DLA SLA 3D printer that is the most versatile professional-grade 3D printer on the market with the highest speeds and finest resolution. Titan 1 users have access to the largest […]


use the following search parameters to narrow your results: find submissions in subreddit find submissions by username find submissions from search for text in self post contents include (or exclude) results marked as NSFW e.g.subreddit:aww dog advanced search: by author, subreddit… News, information, links and fun things related to 3D printing, 3D printers, […]

Kudo3DƳͳɱSLA 3DӡBean

3DӡKudo3DѾڶSLA 3DӡΪBean3DӡԤƽ¸ͨһKickstarterƳ 3DӡKudo3DѾڶSLA3DӡΪBean3DӡԤƽ¸ͨһKickstarterƳKudo3DҲTitan 1Titan 2 DLP 3DӡĿ̡ 2014꣬Kudo3D3DӡTitan 1 DLP 3DӡKickstarterڳﵽ˵ġ 687116ഴͶԸ˾߷ֱʡdzҾʵݵSLADLP 3Dӡۺܸߡ ȥ꣬Kudo3DDLP 3DӡTitan 2һԴĹ75 x 43 x 98ӢԼĿơܺ͹ܡTitan 1Titan 2XYֱΪ23΢ףʹǶעϸڵӦãƽģ͹dz ȻKudo3DһֱڿһʵݵSLADLP 3DӡյijɹBean ¸²ʽƳĿǰǶKudo3DSLAӡ˽ޣҲ֪۸񣬵Էһϸڣ Kudo3DΪһ3Dӡ۽գΪ8Ӣx 8Ӣx 16Ӣ15ȻĹԽΪ47 x 28 x 59ӢXYֱΪ50΢ףZֱΪ10΢ס ǰƬBeanƺKudo3Dרġ¶ϡSLAӡɽʹӡ̻֮֬ķӶߵķֱʡ Ҫչʾ OFweek 20173Dӡҵ2016ҵѡ 20163Dӡҵ̵㼰عˡOFweek3Dӡ ˹ܡ3DӡȽͨ ߼Դ۹ʦخ㶫ʡ/ ģṹʦʡ/ About OFweek ѯϢϵԱվֻOFweek ͷߣ+86- 83279361 83279363 83279365 ͷ+86- ICP06087881-1Copyright ©, All Rights Reserved. İȨOFweek߿ƼҵŻ.վͼƬɲÿơ

PSP Resin Container

The adhesion between the silicone and Teflon film is much stronger than the hard silicone resin container. Pros:The separation force is much lower. The surface quality is better. Cons:The Teflon film tends to have more warpage for larger prints. This vat is not suitable for prints demanding flat surfaces.This vat is recommended for beginners or […]


3dӡصͼֽϣظǰһվDzѾҪϣ 216MڵϿֱϴӸ16MĿϴԼٷصַ 3ȷϴϾܵأⷢɾ˺Žֹվ 3DӡԴ ӵģҪģΪҴһõ3dӡѧϰƽ̨ ѣ̳ѣԵ鿴 AR2 63DӡDIY ȫ3dӡͼֽ̳ DLP 3dӡȫͼֽ sla3dӡͼֽ Scan3doid ֻAPP ֻ3dɨ Formlabsform1 SLA 3dӡȫϽ sla3dӡͼֽ Ciclop_3D_Scanner 3dɨȫϼ ԴCyrus 3Dӡȫϣٶ Ultimaker2 3dӡͼֽģ fdm3dӡ Ultimaker 2 Aluminum Extrusion Clone ȫ ѡAutodeskԴĿember DLP 3Dӡ ɨά룬עǵ΢Źںţѧϰ3dӡȡԴ վصϵվQQ/΢ţͬţ3352933133

Kudo3D Inc

The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE) Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Award / Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award Kudo3D, based in Pleasanton, California, manufactures professional desktop 3D printers. In year 2012, Kudo3D founder Tedd Syao start building the Titan 1 and developed the passive self-peeling technology in his garage. […]

Kudo3Ds Titan 1 Hi-Res 3D Printer

We got a close look at Kudo3Ds fascinating Titan 1 resin-based 3D printer. This machine uses a DLP light engine to solidify whole layers of the printed object at a time, leading to some pretty fast print speeds. The Titan 1s fastest configuration is 69mm per hour, although weve been told by the company thats […]

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